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Vesna Charbonneau of Toronto, Ontario Canada Likes To Troll Americans For Leftist Hate Group Honr Network

Posted on March 17, 2018 in The Extreme Left


Leftist Cyber Troll Vesna Charbonneau of Toronto Canada (Courtesy of Facebook.com)

Another installment into tracking Leftist Hate Group Honr Network. That has broken every law you can think of online. Even targeting minors in the process Proof Here

Vesna seems to be a single mother of 3 kids. As she has lots of time on her hands to continuously troll Americans online. Digging into her, she seems to work for The Canadian Government in some Capacity.

She is an admin of hate group “Honr Network” on facebook. A network that illegally entraps their victims to respond.

Vesna Charbonneau

https://www.facebook.com/groups/honrforum/ Antifa Hate Group Honr plans gangstalking and harassment towards their victims in their private group.

Vesna Charbonneau can be found here harassing conservative/libertarians https://twitter.com/Ves_7

Honr Network has been found GULITY of stalking Minors online. Vesna Charbonneau is a gangstalker & a troll who libels and slanders her victims.