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The Lefts Latest Tool Sandy Hook Father Leonard Pozner

Posted on August 27, 2018 in The Extreme Left

Leonard Pozner, Courtesy of Facebook.com

In Documents obtained by Extremeleftwatch, Sandy Hook Father Leonard Pozner in 2017 was almost arrested for stalking an under aged child online. The Document can be seen here

Sandy Hook Father Host Meme’s of 11 year Old Hispanic Girl, Then Blames Mother & Boca Raton Police Department

Let us educate you on some of the dark skeletons of Lenny Pozner. Leonard has been using Sandy Hook as an excuse to go after Trump Supporters/Conservatives/Libertarians online. He has targeted many big voices on The Right, he first files fake DMCA’s. Gets his targets to respond, then says that they are harassing a Sandy Hook Parent. A ploy by The DNC to silence their adversaries online.

One individual Lenny has been obsessed with, goes by the name of Felix Pantaleon. A Trump supporter, (not a Sandy Hook Truther) that use to help Lenny with his Honr Network. His story can be read here

Lenny Pozner, The Stalker Who Won’t Quit Stalking. Felix Pantaleon IS NOT A Sandy Hook Truther

Felix is a Hispanic man, born in New York City. Who’s family is Dominican, he runs websites like NYYNEWS.com Which has been active since 2005. A Record of positivity & a platform who brings everyone together to talk about The New York Yankees. NYYNEWS.com which was recently spoofed by Leonard Pozner in order to harass Felix and friends. Fake website “NYYNEWS.co.”

Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner Death Threats Felix Pantaleon

Lenny thinks that he can bury all that he has done on the web, he puts on a fake persona in media. Claiming to be a victim, but it is him and his Honr Network who are causing havoc on the web.

Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner Admits To “Cranking Up” Slander Websites To Harass Individual

Lenny has stooped so low to try to frame Hispanic Trump Supporter Felix Pantaleon numerous times.

Dominican Man Felix Pantaleon, Victim of Leonard Pozner.


Lenny Pozner Frames Fiverr User Into Making Slanderous Video

Recently, Leonard tried to include Felix Pantaleon in his Alex Jones Lawsuit. Trying to tie his name to infowars founder Alex Jones, because Felix owns websites just documenting the harassment Lenny and Crew have done to him and others.

Lenny’s desperation, one year after stalking this Woman’s daughter.

Lenny’s ongoing harassment towards Felix Pantaleon, attempting to frame him with Law Enforcement.

By now you know Pozner stalks children, by now you know Pozner attempts to frame individuals, by now you’re asking yourself if Leonard Pozner is a sane man?

All these signs point to a man who is seriously unhinged with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He has also targeted Felix’s father who is waiting for a heart transplant

Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner and His Honr Network Harass Innocent 60 YR Old Man Waiting For Heart Transplant

His ongoing harassment towards this family has been ongoing since 2015. All has failed and recently Leonard tried to include Felix Pantaleon in a “Now This News” hit piece. Felix says he has reported Leonard numerous times to the FBI and every time that they would have a talk with Leonard. He would just increase his rage at Felix and death threat him more.

Death Threats by Leonard After Being Reported To The FBI Recently

Lenny shows video of a drive by shooting directed at Pantaleon

Posted from


https://plus.google.com/+LenPozner1 https://plus.google.com/photos/110563759917274173552/albums/6566394222049225009/6566394227741956434 https://plus.google.com/photos/110563759917274173552/albums/6566394222049225009 https://archive.fo/FuIFx

All of these threats have not stopped Felix Pantaleon from defending himself and giving Leonard a taste of his own medicine (Legally.) So much so, Lenny tried to recently attach Felix Pantaleon’s name to Sandy Hook Truthers in a Now This News piece. (Felix has never been one) Is Lenny trying to make Felix famous? All that he will do is make him a strong figure and attract Latinos/Minorities to Donald Trump’s cause. By exhibiting the extreme TDS Democrats and Pozner have. Felix could be a star for The Trump train, Lenny seems to not care. He is obsessed with him and many others he cannot beat. If he cannot, you have seen examples of child stalking.

False, The FBI found Leonard guilty of filing fake reports.

Leonard also employs a child predator with mental issues for his Honr Network.


Was Arrested for Stalking a 7 year old girl in 2016 at her school

Doug Maguire mentioning Honr Network by Name

There is no question, Sandy Hook was a tragedy. But Leonard today has put his hat into the ring to try to censor The First And Second amendment. Lenny as a man today, should be held responsible for his unhinged crimes against many individuals. Legally and Lawfully, he cannot play the Sandy Hook Card any longer.

This was sent out as a press release, If you would like to interview Felix Pantaleon. His email is pantaleon.felix@gmail.com