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Sandy Hook Father Now Turned Cyber Troll Leonard Pozner Targets Dominican Family

Posted on March 17, 2018 in The Extreme Left

Lenny Pozner

I first got wind of this story a few weeks ago. Then I started investigating “Honr Network” myself. And found out they are illegally entrapping their victims to respond. Lenny likes to try to remove all evidence of himself on the web, with fake DMCA’s and intimidation tactics. If he can’t have it removed, he claims it’s “photoshopped” hoaxer nonsense.

Lenny Pozner of Florida has been targeting a Dominican Family in New York City/Florida for over 2 years now. The story goes like this, a gentlemen who I have permission to use his name Felix Pantaleon. Use to help The Families of Sandy Hook Online. From my understanding, before Lenny Pozner created his “Honr Network.” Felix Pantaleon had been combating Sandy Hook Truthers online for about 3 years until he met “Lenny Pozner.” They met in late 2015, they started to collaborate. From my understanding, their relationship didn’t last long because. Felix told Lenny to remove former Sandy Hook Truthers from his Honr Network. That in his words, hated Felix guts. From his work going after Sandy Hook Truthers. Lenny was said to have caught a fit and Felix blocked him from his facebook. Then Felix say’s, that’s when The Gangstalking started. Lenny started to gangstalk Felix Pantaleon, because those same former Sandy Hook Truthers convinced him to.

In Felix’s words, he soon discovered what The Sandy Hook Truthers were talking about when it came to Leonard Pozner. The only Sandy Hook parent that trolls on the internet, a scheme to entrap his victims.

Felix Pantaleon was different than other Honr Network volunteers due to the fact he was a Libertarian/Conservative. This made him an easy target for the extreme leftist that are members of Honr Network, most of them are Antifa.

Felix Pantaleon

Lenny and his gangstalking crew quickly started to harass Felix Pantaleon and his family. Creating Fake Blogspot links and purchasing domains claiming that Felix Pantaleon was a “Pedophile.

Felix Pantaleon of course held his ground and started documenting the harassment in real time. Due to Lenny’s history, owning a company named “Traxware.” (A Company that removes negative results on the web.) He has been infuriated more, because he cannot take down documentation of his crimes.

This led Lenny and his Honr Network in March 2017, to target Felix Pantaleon’s 11 year old Niece at the time and 8 year old Nephew.

After that, Lenny has been on a crusade to try to fix his image in media. And has attempted to slander the detective of the case and Mother of The Children.


Lenny then claims that it was “Photoshopped” Hoaxer nonsense. Law Enforcement did not buy it since there was way back links and the links were still active. Since then Lenny Pozner has filed numerous fake police reports on The Pantaleon Family. And Has harassed the Grandfather of those two children that is waiting for a heart transplant.

Felix told me, he has phone conversations of Lenny. Admitting to targeting him, but is holding on to them and gave those files to family. In a move of Chess, The FBI either does something about Leonard Pozner’s criminal activity online. Or Felix says, he can make many people famous for all the wrong reasons.

Felix believes the gangstalking has been worse upon him because, they cannot break him. He also believes, since he is a Hispanic man (Dominican) it infuriates them even more. Felix believes he has been targeted, because Honr Network is obviously racist. Felix then says, Honr Network are the circus clowns of the whole Sandy Hook crowd.

Honr Network has targeted 100’s of people online and has broken many laws in the process. More and more people are starting to wake up to Pozner’s antics. Even Law Enforcement is starting to become aware. Felix believes Lenny is suffering from Prolonged Grief disorder.

Lenny has had to move locations countless times. He is a paranoid man, who is using tragedy as a political weapon.