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Meet CW Wade “Charles Frye” of Stockton California, Cyber Bully Who Triggers People To Commit Violent Acts

Posted on March 17, 2018 in The Extreme Left


Charles Frye, CW Wade

Courtesy of Facebook.com

Leftist Cyber Bully Charles Frye “CW Wade/Sandy Hook Facts” of Stockton California, former Softball Umpire for a girls softball league. Now spends everyday of his life, trying to trigger “Conservatives/Libertarians” online for his Honr Network he is apart of. CW Wade is apart of a DNC entrapment scheme. Where they are using a Sandy Hook Father “Leonard Pozner” as cover. Their scheme works like this, they troll numerous individuals online who’s political ideology differs from them. They file numerous fake DMCA’s when their victims reply back and document who is trolling them. The email who files these fake DMCA’s goes back to “Leonard Pozner.” They then take that and say the victims they are targeting are harassing a Sandy Hook Parent. Entrapping them and having their free speech silenced by labeling anyone they target a “Sandy Hook Truther.”

Random Man Charles Frye And Lenny Pozner Have Targeted In Their Illegal Entrapment scheme.

A user submitted proof to us that, Charles Frye is on a crusade to Cyber Bully people to commit violent acts in real life. Here is the proof

Here is an example of Charles Frye’s crusade of people who’s opinions differ from his

Charles Frye Does Not Like Free Speech, if he and his “Honr Network” do not get their way. They will entrap them in their sick scheme.

I was notified, Charles Frye and his Network “Honr Network” which was created by Sandy Hook Father “Leonard Pozner.” Are under investigation by The FBI

Charles Frye Sits on the internet all day trolling Libertarians and Conservatives in the most nastiest ways until they snap. Then he reports on how crazy they are. (Entrapment)

Charles Frye and Leonard Pozner I am told, own over 50 domains where they slander and trigger individuals. Proof Here

Charles and Lenny have filed numerous fake police reports of their victims.

Charles Frye is a menace and a true Leftist Extremist.